Hello, Havanese Lovers!

It’s hard to believe that my little princess have already gone from tiny, sightless, helpless little babies to the adventurous explorers they are today. Boy are they ever busy! They’re into everything. They absolutely LOVE exploring their environment and testing the boundaries with each other. This is a very busy time for them. They love to play chase, wrestle, and play tug with one another as well as Wookie and Luna. Nana’s living room has become a race track. They run laps around it every single evening.

Nana has already started to crate train the puppies as well. She started by putting them in a crate for small periods of time. She also feeds them in the crate so that they’ll associate their crate with positive experiences. Can you believe that they’re eating 100% dry food already? They’re little piglets too. Would you believe that they’re also well on their way to potty training already? Nana has begun to take them outside to potty every morning, after every meal, after every play session, and anytime they wake up. They haven’t had an accident in two days and they’re only 7 weeks old. I’d say that’s pretty incredible! Of course I am a bit biased as the proud PawPaw!

They had their six week veterinarian check-up and all three received a clean bill of health. The vet said that all three puppies are perfect, and he couldn’t stop kissing them and oohing and ahhing over them. I’m lucky because my little darlings LOVE people! They haven’t met a stranger yet, including the vet and his staff. They didn’t even cry when they got their first set of shots or their wormer. They’re brave like their dad if I do say so myself. The puppies sure do enjoy running up to socialize with Nana, Mom, Dad, Grandpa, and Brandon. They look forward to their time with their human friends. This comforts me because I know they’ll bond to their new families easily and live happy lives.

My time with them is growing ever shorter so I’m making the most of every single day.

Until next time!

The Dog That Blogs,