Hi Animal Lovers,

How was your Christmas? I pray yours was as restful and full of family fun and good cheer as ours was. Luna and Wookie are still doing well. They’re continuing to laze around and manipulate Nana into giving them extra love and cuddles. It must be nice to be the spoiled mother dogs. They’re stealing ALL of my Nana’s attention. As the dad to be, I get all of the worry but none of the perks. Sigh, enough about that. Let’s talk about my daily grooming sessions. Now there’s an area where this particular Havanese gets the pampering he deserves. When it comes to grooming sessions, I’m living in the lap of luxury!

I’m not going to lie to you. If you want to keep your Havanese in his full, glorious, show coat, it will require a daily investment of your time, but fear not! These regular grooming sessions have strengthened and solidified the bond between my mom and me. We are inseparable, and that’s due in large part to the affection and attention Mom gives me. Grooming is a large part of that daily instilment of love.

The key to having a relaxing grooming session with your Havanese is to start early! Make sure you find a breeder who begins getting the puppies used to handling, bathing, and grooming. Trust me on this one. When puppies are taught to enjoy bathing and brushing at a young age, they don’t resist the process as they get older. In fact, we learn to love it!

Ready to groom your Havanese? First, you’ll need some grooming tools and supplies. I would recommend some type of greyhound comb. Mom uses the Buttercomb by Chris Christensen. http://www.chrissystems.com/grooming-tools/pet-grooming-show-dog-and-cat-combs.aspx. You’ll also need a good quality pin brush. Once again, Mom uses the Fusion series by Chris Christensen because of the anti-static properties, but you can choose any quality combs and brushes that you prefer http://www.chrissystems.com/grooming-tools/brushes-/pet-grooming-show-dog-and-cat-pin-brushes.aspx. Since tear staining can be a problem for some Havanese, it’s also wise to invest in specialized eye wipes like Lid’ N Lash. These wipes help keep my eyes healthy and minimize staining https://www.vetdepot.com/searchresults.html?txtsearch=lid%20n%20lash. If you don’t wish to purchase the wipes, however, it’s still a good idea to at least wipe your dog’s eyes with a warm cotton ball during every grooming session. Last but not least, you’ll need a toothbrush and some flavored toothpaste that’s made specifically for dogs so that you don’t neglect your dog’s pearly whites. A daily brushing will ensure that your Havanese’s kisses aren’t offensive.

Now that you have all of the necessary supplies, let’s get to brushing. As I mentioned earlier, since you did your homework and got a well-socialized Havanese puppy, grooming should be a stress-free bonding activity. In fact, I’m usually so relaxed that I fall asleep. It’s like my own personal massage. So, let’s begin. The first step to your daily grooming session is to lightly spritz your Havanese’s coat with a leave in conditioner. Mom likes to use Precious Drop http://www.chrissystems.com/pet-grooming-show-dog-and-cat-styling-aids.aspx or Ice on Ice http://www.chrissystems.com/shampoos–conditioners/pet-grooming-show-dog-cat-leave-in-conditioners.aspx for my coat, however; you can simply mix water with a teaspoon or two of your favorite conditioner if you like. The important thing is that you should never brush a dry coat. Dry brushing can cause damage and break the coat your working so hard to keep healthy.

After spritzing your dog’s coat, start using your comb or pin brush to line brush your Havanese. Line brushing is the ideal way to ensure that you gently get all of the mats and debris out of your dog’s coat. Teach your Havanese to lie down on a table or the sofa and gently separate the hair and make a line horizontally along your dog’s body. When you separate the hair, you should be able to see the skin. It’s typically best to brush the line of hair away from the direction it grows in. It’s also helpful to hold the brush flat instead of at an angle so that you don’t injure your dog or rip the coat. Repeat this process carefully line by line until one side of your dog has been thoroughly brushed. Then simply turn your dog over and continue to do the same thing on the other side. Remember, it’s important to make sure to get all the way down to the skin when you brush each line because mats generally form right next to the skin. If you only brush the outer coat, you’ll have a matted Havanese in no time. That’s why line brushing is so essential for Havanese.

Are you thinking that this sounds like too much work? Don’t worry. I’ve saved the best news for last! If you aren’t interested in showing your Havanese or keeping his coat long, you can greatly minimize the amount of time devoted to grooming. Both family pets and show Havanese will require some level of regular grooming, but the daily time requirement for a Havanese in a puppy coat is far less substantial. Besides, Havanese pets look darling in their puppy cuts. Just look at Luna!  (on the right) She’s sporting her mommy to be puppy cut right now, and she’s absolutely adorable. Don’t you agree?

Today we talked about the daily grooming necessary for your favorite Havanese. Tomorrow, I’ll give you some tips for bathing your Havanese. Happy grooming!

The Dog that Blogs,