Hi Animal Lovers,

I have some precious pictures to share with you. I’ll post later to tell  you all about week four’s development, but first I want to share some cute pictures with you. My puppies were precious before, but now they’re even more adorable. Look at how their little eyes are starting to darken. They’re going to be lookers like their mom and dad if I do say so myself!

First is my little princess, White Sox. She hasn’t been adopted yet, but that’s just because we haven’t found her perfect match. I know they’re out their looking for her. We have to find just the right 4-ever home for her just like we did her sisters. Nothing but the best for my little girl. Isn’t she precious? She’s so cuddly and sweet. I’m such a proud Paw Paw (daddy). Can you tell?

As you know, my chocolate puppy has already been adopted by her new 4-ever family. They’ve decided that her name will be Birdie. Isn’t that a great name for her? Look how cute little Birdie is! We’ve already started calling her by her new name so that she’ll already answer to it when she goes home to Denver.

My little mini-me has also been adopted already. Her new family in New York wants to call her Sadie, so we’re getting her used to her name too. Her name suits her, doesn’t it? A sweet name for a sweetie pie of a puppy.

That’s all for today! See you next time.

The Dog That Blogs,