Hi Animal Lovers,

It’s week four so the puppies are moving out of the Transitional Period and into the socialization period, where they’ll remain until they’re about ten weeks old. My little princesses are growing increasingly independent every day, but they still need their mommy as well as each other. This critical time together will ensure that my little darlings grow up to be solid members of the canine community. It’s so cute to listen to their daily play sessions. They’re busy learning the rules of play as well as exercising their little vocal cords as they practice barking, growling, and yelping. Good bite inhibition is one of the most important skills they’re acquiring as they romp and wrestle. If one of my little darlings bites her sibling too hard, the offended puppy will yelp loudly and stop playing with the little biter. That’s how they learn, and it’s a natural and beautiful process! In fact, it’s these daily play sessions that will ensure my puppies know how to interact with other dogs in a healthy way. Being adorable is just a bonus. Of course, they don’t realize how much they’re learning. To them, it’s all about the fun! So, they’ll continue to grow more coordinated as they wag their little tails, play chase, and battle one another in a rousing game of tug. I guess that the days of sleeping all day are over, but they do still need a lot of sleep to continue to grow big and strong.

Wookie is still a wonderful mother. I’m so proud of her because she’s teaching our girls everything they’ll need to know to grow up to be beloved family members. If you can believe it, the puppies are already learning to move away from their sleeping quarters to eliminate, but Wookie still helps to keep them clean. In fact, she keeps their living area so meticulous that potty training these little smarties should be a piece of cake! Their adoptive families will be very thankful of all of Wookie’s hard work. In addition to restroom etiquette, Wookie is also busy teaching table manners. Now that the puppies are beginning to sample mush and lap at water, Wookie’s milk supply is diminishing. The puppies’ energy needs are getting too high for her milk to provide all their nourishment so she’s got to slowly begin weaning them and teaching them to eat solid food. It’s hilarious to watch them climb into her food bowl and make a mess of things. You think milk mustaches are cute? You should see mush mustaches!

Gentle and loving interactions with humans are also essential during this phase. Nana is excellent at this! She says that the best part about this age is that the puppies LOVE to cuddle! Nana wakes up every morning and says, “Good morning, girls!” When the puppies hear her voice, they rush over to the side of their enclosure and wag their little tails. They can’t wait to see Nana and give all of their loving away. Nana says that she’s getting to know each one of my girls as individuals; their little personalities are emerging more and more each day. With that in mind, Nana is continuing to expose the puppies to new sights, sounds, and textures. She’ll make sure that the puppies are equipped to be well-adjusted and cherished family members. These are happy times full of precious memories!

The Dog That Blogs,