What Do Our Adoptive Parents Have to Say About Our Happy Havanese?

Have you added a happy havanese to your family? It's never to late!

From Birdie’s Owner (Female Puppy from Wookie and Chewbacca’s Winter 2017 Litter)


Birdie is wonderful!  We all love her so much!  She can be a crazy character!  Our yorkie, Ava, is doing really well with her too!  Birdie hasn’t made a single mistake yet. She gets whiny when she needs out so she’s good at telling me!  You’ve done a great job with her!  She is by far the best puppy I’ve ever had!  I only had to get up once last night for her to go potty and then she went right back to sleep!  Unfortunately all my kids have scattered to their respective homes and I didn’t get a picture of all of us together!  I was busy cooking while they all played with Birdie!  She is the best!  Thank you again and I was so glad to meet your family who have done so much to make this little puppy so wonderful!



 From Sadie’s Owner (Female Puppy from Wookie and Chewbacca’s Winter 2017 Litter)

Just wanted to thank you again for everything. Sadie is a dream. We really appreciate John. taking the trip and all the effort that you put into raising this little sweetheart.


 From Marcus’s Owner (Male Puppy from Luna and Chewbacca’s Summer 2017 Litter)  

Feedback #1

Hi Tammy, we we’re playing with his new ball (see the picture below). He is gorgeous and very smart. He sleeps up to about 5 ish in the morning now. Sending you more pics. 😊🐾

He loves his small bed and his house. He comes with me all the time. We go out every day.

He is happy and very playful! I love my baby boy so much. Hugs 😊🐾

Feedback #2

The journey of finding the right Havanese breeder started April, 7th 2017 with my first conversation with Sue. After my first conversation with Sue, I know that I found the person to adopt my new little companion from. Sue, is a person of her word. The big day arrived July 21, 2017. Sue sent me photos of this gorgeous black male with tan & white markings. It didn’t take me long to tell Sue to call him Marcus, and this is my little boy. Sue and her family did an excellent job raising these five little puppies. I am very pleased with the outcome with Marcus. It has been almost two weeks since Marcus came to my home, and I know he loves his new home. He is very smart and playful. In the evening he loves to cuddle and stay by my side. Thank you Happy Tails Havanese for allowing me to adopt Marcus that I love so much. Keep in touch forever. Hugs 😊🐾❤



 From Lady Digby’s Owner (Female Puppy from Luna and Chewbacca’s Summer 2017 Litter)