Springtime Puppies!

We are planning for another litter of beautiful Havanese puppies in the spring! Please contact us if you're planning to add a furry bundle of love to your family in 2020 - our litters go fast! (The last two litters were fully reserved before they were born.)

About Happy Tails Havanese

Welcome to Happy Tails Havanese!

Our lives haven’t been the same since we were introduced to our first Happy Havanese, Luna, in 2012. We knew we wanted a small toy breed that would be sturdy, sweet, smart, affectionate and hypoallergenic (shed free). So we carefully researched the toy breed that would best fit our needs. That’s when we found the Havanese, a beautiful, intelligent, Cuban dog, bred for companionship. We knew that we would need to brush her to maintain her silky, luxurious coat and that she would be an inside dog because this breed doesn’t do well as an outside dog, but we were convinced this was the right breed for us.

And so it began…our love affair with Havanese. Good quality Havanese were difficult to find in Colorado Springs, so we purchased Luna from another state and had her hand delivered to us. When we purchased her, we had no idea how she would change not only our lives, but our daughter’s and grandson’s as well. She is an outstanding girl with an incredible clown-like personality. I swear she actually smiles at us. Luna quickly became a treasured member of our family. Soon we added another Happy Havanese to the bunch, our quirky baby of the family, Wookie. She is the only dog I’ve ever owned who actually tries to communicate with us, and the funny thing is I usually understand her. When she isn’t trying to tell us something, she can be found snuggled up in her favorite spot in the world, my lap. Wookie was the missing piece of our little family, but now we are complete.

After falling in love with the breed and doing more research, we decided that there couldn’t be better representatives of this remarkable toy breed, so we knew we’d have to breed them as well. People in Colorado Springs didn’t have access to our favorite breed and needed another reputable Havanese breeder. We fit the bill! So we became a small, family AKC breeder, who loves their dogs like children. We don’t believe in breeding countless litters of puppies just for profit. Our puppies are socialized, loved, cherished, and pampered members of the family. We are confident that our little darlings will quickly transfer all their love, friendship, and snuggles from our family to yours. With their Happy Havanese tails a wagging and their Hearts full of love, it is our prayer that they will enrich your lives as much as they do ours.

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Happy Tails Havanese



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